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Saveguard high temperature removable insulation.

Gas Turbine Exhaust Insulation

Saveguard insulation jackets and removable insulation blankets are manufactured to order. We offer an on site survey and installation service for larger applications such as gas turbine exhaust volutes. 
Gas turbine insulation

Removable Insulation

Exhaust Volute

exhaust Insulation

Our fabrication department has many years of experience designing bespoke insulation for diverse applications including

  • Experimental Reactors for Nuclear Fusion
  • Scientific equipment
  • Diesel Exhaust Particulate Filter Traps and Catalytic Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Boilers
  • Plastic Moulders and Extruders
  • Blown Film Lines
  • Equipment and personnel protection from molten metal splash in  Steel and Foundry applications
Saveguard high temperature insulation products are made from the highest quality resistant materials and are selected to suit the application. These materials include:
  • E Glass, HT Glass, Silica, Aramid and Para-Aramid Fibre Pre-Ox Blends felts and fabrics
  • Coated fabrics such as Silicone, Synthetic rubbers, Flouro-elastomers, PTFE, PVC
  • Laminated fabrics with metal foils and films
  • Stainless Steel Mesh and Foils 
  • Micro-porous Insulation
The choice of outer cover material depends upon the application i.e. UV, radiant heat, chemical attack, molten metal splash or just weather resistance. 
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