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Fabricated, Cut and Sewn Textile Products


Our converted products division manufactures a wide range of sewn or fabricated items for personnel or machinery protection, sealing or insulation applications. We have many years of experience designing bespoke insulation jackets and removable insulation blankets and pads for the most arduous applications. We offer a full design, site survey and installation service for UK based customers

Combinations of Saveguard engineering fabrics and felts can be used to provide resistance to extremes of temperature, cut and abrasion, molten metal splash etc.

Gas Turbine Exhaust Volute Insulation installed by Saveguard on clients site

Products include:


Custom made, fully tailored Jackets and covers ( can be supplied with fabrics in a variety of  finishes and coatings to enhance both temperature, abrasion and weather resistance.)


Modular insulation for heated barrel applications such as plastic injection moulding machines, extruders and blown film lines


Quartz glass fibre, silica and ceramic fibre Disc and Collar Seals for silicon wafer furnaces


Hand stitched fabric composite seals for stack annealing furnaces, lid seals, furnace and oven door seals.


Thermostatically controlled electrically heated jackets or covers


Welding Blankets, Curtains and Stress Relieving Mats for the welding, heat treatment sectors


Silica fabric collapsible gas shrouds for protection of molten metal streams in continuous casting applications


Glass fibre brush seals and strand curtains, fabric or strip zone divider and entry/exit curtains


Fire Blankets


Tadpole Seals, Dumbell Seals, Flexible Connectors


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