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High Temperature Insulation Jackets and Removable Covers

Part of Locomotive Exhaust Insulation Jacket

Insulation jacket installed on Loco

Rectangular turbine exhaust duct with removable insulation

Saveguard Insulation Jackets and Covers

Construction:  Fabrics manufactured from the Saveguard range of resistant materials are selected to suit the application and are available in many formats e.g. plain fabric, coated fabric, treated fabric, different weights and colours, etc.

Insulation:  Insulation materials include High temperature fibre mats, e glass, silica, para and meta aramid felts, mineral wool, closed cell sponge and foam rubbers etc.

Benefits include

  • Materials Manufactured from high quality materials specially selected for individual / specific applications
  • Design Individually designed for specific application to give close fit by specialists with years of experience.
  • Quality Each item is manufactured with BS5750 Quality Assurance procedures in operation.
  • Energy Saving Reduction in heat loss energy costs.
  • Freeze Protection Can also be used outdoors and can be supplied with heating elements or trace heat if required.
  • Personnel Protection Reduces risk of burns from hot surfaces
  • Fire Protection Reduce the risk of fire damage by use of special designs and fire resistant materials.
  • Noise Protection Reduction in noise levels when used as pump covers, exhausts, etc.
  • Vibration Resistant Flexibility of materials reduces damage to covers caused by vibration.
  • Lightweight Most covers can be fitted by one person.
  • Re-usable Flexible covers can be designed for easy removal and can be re-used.
  • Colour Coding Some fabrics are available in different colours for colour coding of hot water, chill water, steam, etc

Seams are sewn with high temperature threads, usually with Kevlar TM, PTFE coated glass fibre or stainless steel thread to suit application. We can also offer specialised threads including Quartz and continuous filament ceramic for resistance to extremes of temperature.

All insulation covers are secured with either:

a). Hooks and back plates (brass, nickel or stainless steel).

b). Velcro TM hook and loop strip.

c). D Buckles and Belts

Flaps and draw cords are also provided to secure to adjacent insulation.

Special insulation covers can be manufactured for specific applications, e.g. high moisture content, acid or other chemical contamination, or high temperatures up to 1000oC.

Bespoke tailored items such as calorifier bodies and end flanges, cylindrical, spherical and rectangular shaped items are all produced by our experienced manufacturing team.



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