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Saveguard working with our European partners LBH International A/S offer a complete range of expansion joints and bellows including fabric, elastomeric, metallic and high pressure rubber joints. LBH have many years experience in the manufacture of expansion joints and were the world's first manufacturer of fabric expansion joints to be awarded the ISO 9001 approval of the quality management system and also ISO 14001 approval of the environmental management system .

Fabric Expansion Joints

LBH International A/S was established in 1985 as a company specialising in the design, manufacture and application of high-quality expansion joints and related products. Since then, LBH has won world-wide recognition as a reliable and professional partner for providing optimal solutions in the field of expansion joint technology. As an active member of ESA (European Sealing Association), LBH is strongly involved in the effort to improve the understanding and application of expansion joint technology.

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LBH expansion joints are in service all over the world in the power industry, in gas turbine installations, FGD-plants, incineration plants, cement works, offshore installations and numerous others. Our experienced sales engineers and technical staff can assist from the design stages if required.

LBH hand-built products are individually made by experienced craftsmen to customer specifications using only the highest quality materials.
In line with ISO 14001, high priority is given to ensure that raw materials and manufacturing procedures are environmentally compatible.

All LBH raw materials and end products are continuously tested, either internally by the LBH Control Dept. or by internationally recognized institutes. Purpose built test rigs are used to investigate the effect of thermal loads, pressure, movements etc. on fabrics and expansion joints. Additionally, these tests and equipment form a vital part of the company's extensive research and development.

LBH can offer you the following advantages:

  • The flexibility of a highly specialised company providing expert advice based on knowledge gained from many years of experience in the field of expansion joint technology.

  • Professional advice at the project stage.

  • A complete manufacturing range of proven quality products covering every application

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