Product Summary

  FireHalt Fire Protection Products


Flexible Fire Barriers

Ceiling Lighting Unit Covers
Spider Penetration System
Gapseal Tapes
Exhaust Acoustic Media
Thermolastic Exhaust Insulation
Exhaust Thermal Insulation system
Industrial Textiles
High temperature, cut and abrasion resistant materials in many formats i.e. Yarns, Fabrics, Felts, Ropes, Tapes etc.
  Expansion Joints and Seals
    Fabric Compensators and bellows
    Elastomeric and Metallic Expansion Joints. 
    Flexible Connectors
  Fabricated Products
    Cut and sew, welding blankets, fire blankets, smoke and fire curtains, tailored insulation jackets, furnace entry and zone dividing curtains, door seals etc.


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Picture Gallery

Thermolastic exhaust wrap

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Thermolastic Wrap 1

Thermolastic Wrap 2

Thermolastic Wrap 3

Thermolastic Wrap 3

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Clamshell 1


Clamshell 2


Clamshell 3


Clamshell 4

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Clamshell 5


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