Airslide Fabrics
FLUITEX® Airslide fabrics are manufactured by Mühlen Sohn GmbH & Co and can be used wherever bulk materials are pneumatically conveyed. 

The main industries served include the Cement industry (raw cement powder and clinker dust), Aluminum, Chalk and Gypsum industries, in power plants (fly ash discharge) and the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

FLUITEX® Airslide fabrics are produced in a variety of different thicknesses, widths and air permeabilities.

  The choice of FLUITEX® fabric depends on the conditions and application, i.e. plant type, moisture content and bulk material, temperature,  air moisture, particle size, distribution etc. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in the manufacture of FLUITEX® Airslide fabrics. (selected High Strength Polyester and Aramid yarns). 

Airslide Fabrics can also be produced to meet special demands

Tailoring Service

Airslide fabrics can be supplied cut to width or to customers individual  requirements.

Tailored items include discharge cones, filter elements and container bottoms.

Fabric elements can also be produced with flanges and seals




· temperature resistance up to 250°C
· chemical resistance (e.g. fluidization of fly ash)
· abrasion resistance for heavy bulk materials causing high wear
· self cleaning, no clogging of the fabric surface
· no degradation of the fabrics (minimum moisture absorption)
· anti static with inclusion of metal fibres (FLUITEX® EX)


Fabricated Cones


Temperature and Chemical Resistance

Fabric Style Yarn Material Temperature Resistance Chemical Resistance
Fluitex E PES -60 to 150C As Polyester
Fluitex EX PES -60 to 150C As Polyester
Fluitex AD Para Aramid

-60 to 250C

Short Periods 350C

Good Acid and Alkali

Fluitex AN

Meta Aramid

-60 to 250C

Short Periods 300C

Excellent Acid and Alkali
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