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  • User friendly format, easily handled, soft to touch and with no loose fibres.

  • Unique construction allows accurate means of controlling finished insulation density.

  • Easily installed in confined spaces, even with restricted access such as resonators offering huge labour savings.

  • Continuous drawn filament fibres of between 9-14 micron diameter are outside the recognised limit for potential respirability i.e. below 3 microns

  • No loss of particulate or short fibres through perf often associated with spun rock fibres or staple glass fibre wools.

  • Can be supplied as roll material in any width from 10mm to 950mm, as pre-cut pieces or alternatively joined as layflat tubing.

  • No cardboard mandrels to return and no obstructions from packaging in welded seams as often experienced with polybag pillows

  • High initial density and flat pack-ability allows for considerable storage space savings compared with alternative materials

Introducing Acousta-fil TM
a new revolutionary product in
exhaust acoustics

Acousta-fil is a recently developed and patented system designed for use as exhaust silencer infill

This unique concept of exhaust silencer infill has fired the imagination of some of the largest automotive manufacturers and is expected to become the standard format for narrow annulus applications in the future.

The Acousta-fil system is so simple to install that it provides enormous potential for reduced production costs. The special construction offers considerable advantages over existing methods of installation and should prove particularly effective in resonator applications.

Acousta-fil  is a textile product with outstanding thermal and acoustic insulating properties. Acousta-fil has been designed for controlled expansion on initial contact with heat and is intended to fill complex voids with acoustic insulation media to a pre-determined density.

The product is manufactured from continuous filament E' Glass fibres as standard though it is possible to use other continuous filament fibres i.e. S' Glass and Silica to suit different temperature and chemical resistance requirements.

Although Acousta-fil has been developed specifically for the exhaust silencer infill, the concept also offers potential for use as a thermally insulating Catalyst Brick support media. 


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