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Expansion Joints
Standard Profiles
Fabric Expansion Joints


Flexguard Expansion Joints

Flexguard fabric Expansion Joints can be supplied fully assembled and fitted to support steelwork ready for insertion into ductwork. 

For retrofit applications, we can supply as factory joined or open for on-site joining where access is limited

Flexguard can be supplied in strip or belt format made to order in lengths and widths to suit your requirements ideal for emergency repairs

Flexguard fabric expansion joint strip comes complete with site joining kits

Fabric expansion joint fitted to support steelwork

Fabric expansion joints have distinct advantages as they can accommodate relatively large movements and even some misalignment of flanges. They are also lightweight, easy to install and with the addition of internal insulation bolsters have good acoustic properties

Flexguard fabric joints can operate successfully with internal temperatures up to  1000C dependant on the application

Flexguard high temperature expansion joints are of multi layered construction tailored from plies of selected materials including:
  • High Performance Technical Fabrics (often woven with Chrome Steel or Nickel Alloy wire reinforcements)
  • Insulating Felts
  • Metal Foils
  • Elastomer and Flouro Elastomer Films
  • Elastomer and Flouro Elastomer coated fabrics
  • Fine woven high temperature wire cloth
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