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High Temperature Resistant  Tapes

High temperature woven tapes

for Thermal Insulation and Sealing Applications

We manufacture a range of high temperature resistant narrow fabrics in a variety of formats for the Thermal Engineering market. Widths available from 6 mm through to 100 mm and 0.5 mm up to 6 mm in thickness.

Texturised E-Glass Fibre Tapes

Ceramic Fibre and Superwool Tapes

Saveguard Texturised Glass Fibre woven tapes and Webbings are manufactured from high performance 9 micron E Glass filament texturised yarns. The glass filaments are assembled and voluminised by passing over high pressure air jets to produce a lofted yarn with outstanding insulation properties. These yarns are then closely woven to produce a soft, durable and flexible tape.

E-Glass yarns have a minimal amount of surface dressing to assist in processing, this is usually organic i.e. starch or silane and will disappear at temperatures above 200C.

Untreated Glass Fabrics are suitable for continuous use at temperatures of up to 550C however tensile strength continues to reduce noticeably as temperatures increase above 400C .

Saveguard ceramic fibre woven webbing and ladder tapes are manufactured from high performance ceramic fibre yarns re-inforced with either a wire or glass filament. Saveguard ceramic fibre yarns are produced on traditional textile machinery by carding high purity 1260 grade ceramic fibres with a percentage of cellulose fibre to assist in the processing.

The yarns are then spun and combined with the relevant re-inforcing media to improve the tensile strength at extended temperatures. The organic content will burn off at temperatures above 200C without affecting the properties of the ceramic fibre however adequate ventilation should be provided during this initial heating. Where tensile strength is important the temperature limitations of the re-inforcing media should be considered.

Typical Applications:

Ladder tapes are widely used as flange gasketting on ducting as it is ideal for through bolting also Furnace, Boiler Door Seals, Cable and Pipe Protection,

We also produce high temperature tapes in Silica and Quartz fibres to order

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