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E' Glass Yarns

Texturising and Voluminising

Texturised and voluminised glass yarns are manufactured from high performance E' glass filaments in a range of diameters from 6 to 13 microns.  The filaments are assembled to the correct resultant tex and then passed over high pressure air jets to produce a lofted yarn with outstanding insulation properties.  The extent that these yarns are bulked can be varied to suit individual applications.

The term Voluminised indicates that the yarn is bulked more or less evenly along the length as the filaments are all fed through the process at the same speed.

Texturised yarns are more uneven in appearance and possess more pronounced loops achieved by varying the feed rates of a percentage of the filaments to create different effects.  Texturised yarns are commonly used in decorative applications such as wall coverings and vertical blinds.

We can offer Voluminised filament yarns up to 5000 tex and Texturised up to 1250 tex. These materials can be uptwisted and also plied to obtain a large number of variations.


Doubling and Twisting

Unlike synthetic fibres E' Glass  yarns  require delicate handling and the use of modern  purpose built machinery designed to minimise filamentation.

Saveguard have made considerable investments in specialised equipment of this type to provide our customers with products of the highest quality.

We can offer a range of tex sizes in plied glass filament yarns up to 10 ply 272 tex and up to 2500 tex resultant in texturised yarns.  Standard sizes normally available from stock include 34/2, 68/2 and 68/3 also 136/2 and 136/3.


Reinforcements of brass, copper and stainless steel wires can be included at the twisting or doubling stage for high temperature or gasketing applications.


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