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Bellows & Connectors
Insulation Jackets
Furnace Door Seals
Tadpole Seals

Welding Blankets

Furnace Curtains

Acoustic Pillows

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Expansion Joints
  • Saveguard fabric expansion joints are designed to suit customers individual requirements, and can be offered as a complete package from the support steelwork and flanges to on site installation.
Bellows and Connectors
  • Convoluted or pleated stitched bellows for the protection of machinery, piston rams etc, 
  • High performance elastomer coated fabric duct connectors to suit most environments
Insulation Jackets and Mattresses
  • Custom made fully tailored Insulation Jackets manufactured from the Saveguard range of woven fabrics that can be supplied with a variety of  finishes and coatings to enhance both temperature and abrasion resistance. 
  • Thermostatically controlled electrically heated jackets or covers
  • Stress relieving mats for the welding, heat treatment sectors
Furnace Door and Annealer Seals
  • Quartz glass fibre, silica and ceramic fibre Disc and Collar Seals for silicon wafer furnaces
  • Hand stitched fabric composite seals for stack annealing furnaces, lid seals, door seals
Tadpole Seals
  • Custom made tadpole, dumbbell or keyhole seals for oven, furnace doors etc manufactured from the Saveguard range of high temperature resistant materials
Welding Blankets and Curtains
Furnace Curtains
  • Glass fibre brush seals and strand curtains      
Acoustic Pillows
Die cut shapes



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