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Saveguard Technical Fabrics, Properties

Industrial Textiles 

The terms "Technical" or "Engineering" fabrics are commonly used to describe the diverse range of materials produced from modern high performance fibres.  Today's industrial processes use increasingly higher temperatures and with the demise of the traditional solution to high temperature and abrasive applications i.e. asbestos, new fibres are being constantly developed.  We have many years experience in the processing and blending of these materials, enabling us to provide solutions to meet the most demanding applications.  The table below describes some of these materials and uses.

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Material Properties Typical Applications
Para Aramid Fibre Abrasion, cut and temperature resistance, high tensile strength Protective clothing such as cut and heat resistant gloves, Body amour, Machinery protection, Tyre cord, Sewing thread, Safety harnesses, Gasketting
Ceramic Fibre Very high temperature resistance, Low thermal conductivity. High temperature seals, Furnace zone divider and exit curtains, Kiln car seals,
Glass Fibre High strength and temperature resistance. Excellent insulation properties and compatibility with resins and elastomers Fire Protection, Welding blankets and curtains, Fire blankets, Plastic reinforcements, Composites, Thermal, acoustic and electrical  insulation applications
Meta Aramid Fibre Inherently flame retardant, good temperature resistance. Protective clothing for firefighters, racing drivers and offshore workers, 
Silica Fibre Very high temperature resistance, Low thermal conductivity.  Low abrasion resistance High temperature seals for silicon wafer furnaces, Good thermal, acoustic and electrical  insulation properties. Fire Protection of cables, Good resistance to weld spatter and molten metal splash
PFR Rayon Permanent flame retardant rayon. Good strength Often blended with pre-ox acrylics and para-aramids in fire block felts, Normally laminated with highly reflective films and used in fire proximity clothing


Texturised Glass Fabrics
Ceramic Fabric
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Meta Aramid
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