What we do

We design and manufacture specialist acoustic and thermal insulation products mainly for the automotive and industrial markets.

In the automotive industry, our solutions are used to manage sound and heat from the engine compartment to the exhaust tailpipe.  They are used in critical components which improve the performance of exhaust aftertreatment systems that clean up our environment.

For the industrial markets, our products are utilised in safety critical cavity barriers for passive fire protection in buildings and new constructions.

How we do it

With over 20 years of experience, our in-house technical expertise and knowledge of specialised materials, combined with the skills of our highly trained workforce, we create engineered textile products that perform in the most demanding environments.

Extensive investment in research and development has resulted in a unique portfolio of market-leading products with outstanding performance capabilities .

We continually exceed the requirements of our ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certifications to maintain the highest standards of service and reliability.

Businesses across 2 continents

Manufacturing facilities in 2 countries

Over 140 employees worldwide


We consistently deliver high quality products, aiming to exceed our customers’ expectations, every time. As a global technical textile manufacturing company, we source our raw materials from across the world – ensuring there’s no compromise on quality and enabling us to consistently deliver robust and reliable products.


Since 1993, we’ve used our expertise and experience to solve problems and drive down costs by working in partnership with our customers and suppliers. We’re able to offer customised, high quality, market-leading products – driving our business forward and helping our clients achieve extraordinary results.


We’re a responsible company – responsible for our people, our clients’ integrity, the environment and our products. We recognise our accountability, and ensure our customers as well as our staff understand that we’ll always work with their best interests at heart.


Our unique capabilities have earned us a reputation for being true solution providers. Our enviable track record in the development of innovative solutions – including a number of patented products, with more in the pipeline – adds value and differentiates us from the competition.

Want to know more?

If you’re looking for further information, please get in touch to discuss your project’s requirements with our team.

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