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We specialise in producing a wide range of advanced, high-performance technical fibre yarns, and our expertise is in the selection of fibres with specific properties – such as tensile strength and heat, abrasion, cut and chemical resistance – that can be enhanced when combined or blended with other fibres or filaments.

Culimeta-Saveguard yarns are designed and developed to meet end user applications. With several yarn manufacturing disciplines to choose from, we can spin, twist and amalgamate filament and fibre based materials, to provide both fine and coarse yarns, for use in knitting and weaving.

Using our vast experience and knowledge of fibre developments, we continually update our technical yarn ranges – we use the very latest yarn technology, our unique fabric construction methods and flexible batch manufacturing processes, to rapidly respond to our customers’ needs.

Adding value every step of the way, we thrive on the challenge to develop innovative, textile-based products that contribute to a cleaner, safer planet.

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